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Jupiter Performance Arts School Celebrates 30 Years

A passion for dancing and a passion for creative freedom brought Linda Linda into the business of running her own Jupiter performing arts school.

Ten years later, it’s the love of her students she keeps returning.

“We go to their unions. They call us when her mother dies, “said White. “It is part of our lives and it is quite tricky to walk from there.”

White School, ArtStage Performing Arts Center, is preparing for its 30th anniversary. The main state of the county at the north has a 30-year harbor, offering courses for both kids and adults at 2:30 pm on Friday and is awaiting performance in June in the 30th anniversary.

“He actually has his own life, ArtStage,” said White, the school’s artistic owner and manager.

White describes the studio staff and students as a family, but can also be a family effort for her loved ones and family.

Formerly Lindsay Carretero’s daughter was now an acting teacher and a music theatre at ArtStage. White mother, Helen Angel, used costumes for students.

White, 66, focuses on Carretero as proof of this school formula – to offer you a different slate of classes – works.

She explained ArtStage is the first local “triple threat” studio, which means it provides – and still does – classes in dance, theater and voice.

“It is important to me that the children learn skills that are good for all areas of their lives, not just dance,” said White.

Carretero includes a master of art degree specializing in vocal work in the University of London and a fine arts degree in the Florida State theater. Another alum went into defense and eventually worked on”Saturday Night Live” and a Broadway version of the hit movie”Frozen,” said White.

“This gives them plenty of different directions to enter,” said White.

White said that she is still open to new category topics. But there is one caveat there: If they do it, they need to make certain that they do it well.

“We aren’t going to offer anything that we cannot endure for as long as the grade of the things being taught,” said Carretero, 33. “So it’s quite important to us.”

White said she spiced the schedule by co-producing student performances outside the Jupiter area: for example cruising and Disney World.

“It is very important to me that we create positive memories and fun things,” said White.

She teaches ballet and jazz classes three or four times each week. On a recent day, White walked a couple of young dancers through a series of prizes.

White counted the beats to background piano music, imitated the movements with her hand and explored her dancers by mirror the length of the wall.

One of these students, Katie Menard, who lives in Jupiter 19 years old, said she was”very impressed” since she enrolled in her first class when she was 2 years old.

The course load is that after the game has passed from tap dance to jazz to actions, Menard said.

So make the lifelong friends she has made.

“It is family oriented,” said Menard.

It’s the responsibility of those types of personal connections that White said she takes lightly.

“You know a young child. … We’ve been there in their own lives for 15 years,”White said. Learn more about Jupiter, click here.

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