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South Florida Business Report Producer David Weir died, report says

July 14, 2015

Well-known South Florida broadcaster David Weir died Monday night, CBS12 is reporting.

Weir was the executive producer and anchor of the South Florida Business Report, the television station reports. The report does not indicate Weir’s age or cause of death. The North Palm Beach resident was a 42-year veteran of the radio and broadcasting industry, according to the report.

He started his broadcasting career in the Federal Aviation Administration, setting up the first relationship between the FAA and broadcast media in the late 1950s, the report says. He launched WTVX Channel 34, a former CBS affiliate, and also produced “Polo Highlights” shows for the station, according to the report.

Weir was an avid tennis player, according to Channel 12.


BY: Melissa E. Holsman; Vero Beach Press Journal

Date: July 11, 2006

For over 20 years, David Weir has done something no one else in local television has attempted: produce a weekly show that brings viewers news of local business booms and busts large and small. Or, as the veteran newsman puts it: “From the lemonade stand to the board room”.

On July 6, as Weir and his staff celebrated 20 years of producing the “South Florida Business Report”- seen on WPEC NEWS 12- the show made broadcast history as the longest running independently produced local TV business show in the South Florida market. “Twenty years is fantastic,” said Weir, who’d just finished taping show No. 944. In that time, Weir’s produced about 20,000 local business stories and almost 2,500 interviews.

Not bad for a “youthful-looking senior citizen,” a 10-year prostate cancer survivor and recovering alcoholic who – with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, he says – quit drinking 27 years ago. “It boils down to each week there’s a blank sheet of paper and doing it one show at a time,” he mused.

The program, which airs Sundays at 8:30 a.m. on WPEC NEWS 12 is a mix of quick hitting business stories and one-on-one interviews.

“The fact that he’s done it for 20 years is a reflection of his integrity and talent,” said Palm beach Town Council member Bill Brooks, a former long-time general manager of WPTV Channel 5. Brooks isn’t alone in his admiration. Even Gov. Jeb Bush referred to the show as a “great TV milestone.”

Weir’s 42-year career in TV has included stints as general sales manager at former CBS affiliate WTVX Channel 34, and sales manager at WPTV.

The show started out at WPEC, then moved to WPTV for 13 years until a former general manager axed it. (No, not Brooks) It returned to WPEC in 2001. I’ve delighted in watching Weir succeed. We met in 1992, while I was working weekends at WPTV. He really is an affable newsman with his “signature dapper dress” and endless energy, as a magazine once described him. What’s most satisfying, he said, has been devoting two decades to create something “that’s never been done before.” “That’s gratifying,” he said.



October 12, 2006 – 1:32PM

Editor’s note: The following is taken from an interview of David Weir published in Boca Raton magazine, voted best magazine in Florida.

Sometimes, going against all the odds can produce a real winner. Ask David Weir, who launched “The South Florida Business Report” on WPEC NEWS 12 after being told it would never succeed. That was 20 years ago, and today the Sunday morning show is exclusive programming in South Florida and the only show of its type serving South Florida’s 5 million residents.

Weir commented, “There’s a ton of national business shows, but none targets the local business community. And because these stories are a low priority to most station news operations, the only way to ensure coverage of these stories is to be an independent producer.”

The affable newsman with his signature dapper looks is the proverbial one-man band. He is both writer and producer of the weekly, half-hour show and anchors the broadcast each week with Christine Christofek. Weir also sells and packages advertising on the show with his joint venture partner NEWS 12.

“The South Florida Business Report” first aired July 6, 1986 on WPEC-TV and moved to WPTV two and a half years later. After a 14 year run on WPTV the show returned to WPEC. Now in its 20th year on the air the show has covered 20,000 local business stories and featured nearly 2,500 interviews with local business people. Weir entered the television broadcasting business in the late 50s when the medium was in its infancy.

The Indiana native worked as an air traffic controller and wrote training films for the FAA. When they needed a liaison with the local TV station, Weir was their man. He relocated to Florida in 1964 and became an account executive then local sales manager at WPTV, the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach.

Then in 1979 Weir helped build the CBS affiliate at the time WTVX, Channel 34, which is now a UPN station owned by CBS. The South Florida Business Report has featured everyone from Steve Forbes to Senators Bob Graham and Wayne Huizenga to Gloria Gonzalez, who sold hotdogs roadside while clad in a bikini. Weir laughs at his unusual guest list saying “it’s a classic example of the full spectrum of business… from the lemonade stand to the boardroom.”

By Scott Cendrowski
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Thursday , August 6, 2006

WEST PALM BEACH… Sunday’s show will be No. 948 for David Weir. Again he will write, produce and anchor his creation: the 30 minute South Florida Business Report on WPEC-TV Channel 12. And again, he will prove that a gamble two decades ago on the boom and bust of local business has paid off. “I raised the idea of the show and the general manager said it would never work,” Weir said as he celebrates the show’s 20th year. “So I said OK, what if I buy the time?” And he said, ‘Oh yeah”

During the fast-paced show at 8:30AM Sundays, Weir and co-anchor Christine Christofek deliver 30 second news stories and one-on-one interviews with business leaders and reporters. Those involved with the area’s only locally produced business show said it has endured markedly well.

“In the world of TV, that’s an eternity,” Channel 12 Station Manager Don Colee, 58, said of the show’s 20 year run. “We’re glad to have him on the air.”

“In most TV news departments, business news isn’t a priority,” Weir said at the time of his first launch on WPEC-TV in 1986. He vied for advertising and sponsorships until the show was moved to WPTV, Channel 5. It stayed at the NBC affiliate, still independently produced by Weir, for 13 years until a former general manger cut it. WPEC picked it up in 2001 and provides free air time in exchange for an undisclosed amount of its advertising revenues. Weir hopes to reach his 1,000th show at the station.

“It’s exceptionally rare for a locally produced business show to survive,” said Bill Brooks, 72, a longtime general manager of WPTV who now sits on the Palm Beach town council. “He’s been pretty straightforward on local business news, and he’s got a pixie way of delivering it.”

In May, 9,000 households tuned in to the show in the Channel 12 broadcast area, which extends from Palm Beach County to Indian River County, according to Nielsen Media Research. Advertising revenue push the show’s gross profits to “six figures,” Weir said, but he declined to be specific.

Weir said he entered the TV business on a lark in the late 1950s. After leaving the University of Cincinnati and a two year stint in the Navy, Weir was an air traffic controller in his hometown of Indianapolis. On top of his duties, The Federal Aviation Administration asked him to be a point person for local TV stations covering the growing commercial aviation industry. He obliged, but later ditched Indiana winters for West Palm Beach, where he sold advertising time for WTVX, WPTV and WPEC before starting his show.

Weir’s 42-year television career hasn’t been free of hurdles. He spent 5 years in the late 1970s drinking to excess, and now credits Alcoholic Anonymous for his recovery.

“I could never have done this without the people and the program of Alcoholic Anonymous, said Weir, a North Palm Beach resident who has been divorced twice. A former co-anchor lauded Weir for his work. “We should all be so lucky to have his style and grace,” said Roxanne Stein, a morning news anchor at WPTV who anchored the South Florida Business Report for 5 years before it moved back to WPEC.


· July, 1986: First show on WPEC, Channel 12.

· 1988: WPTV-Channel 5 General Manager Bill Brooks brings the show to the NBC affiliate to fill a slot on Sunday morning.

· 2001: Moves back to WPEC-TV where it airs today.