Florida Fitness Testing gives you the instruments to take control of your wellbeing and wellness.

Initially just accessible to world-class competitors and medicinal establishments, the Bod Pod gives you access to a same bore of muscle to fat ratio testing from the experts utilize.

“Muscle to fat ratio will turn into another standard in wellbeing for grown-ups.”

C. Everette Koop – Former Surgeon General

Versatile Bod Pod Testing Facility

The Bod Pod enables you to decide the measure of fat and slender bulk you have effortlessly, rapidly and non-obtrusively. Utilized by 15 NFL groups, the Cleveland Clinic, every one of the three Mayo Clinics and many open, private and army bases the world over, the Bod Pod can enable you to accomplish your wellbeing and wellness objectives by engaging you with the data you’ll have to build up your best nourishment and preparing program.

Read About Why You Should Get Tested!

Our portable testing office influences Bod To unit muscle to fat ratio testing promptly open all through the Tampa Bay and Orlando territory. We work in conjunction with exercise centers, metro associations, private partnerships and wellness occasions like marathons and wellbeing fairs to influence cutting edge to muscle to fat ratio testing accessible to everybody.

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