Miami has been called “The Magic City,“ “The Gateway to the Americas,” and “The Capital of Latin America.” Miami is diverse and full of life, but you quickly learn that if you are not part of a community, you will have a tough time building success in this concrete jungle.

If you’re trying to establish a small business in Miami, you will discover that most people are guarded, and it’s hard to promote your products and services. This is because Miami is a community of many groups and once you can become part of the cities and prove your concept, you will gain reputation and success.

To become a member of one of Miami’s diverse communities you have to build a bridge. It’s an uphill battle when you cold call or try to build rapport with people who don’t know you but if you are introduced to a community by one of its members a bridge has been made. The following are some quick tips to help you make a bridge into Miami ’s diverse communities.

First of all, get out to events, meetup and engage others. Get in groups and organizations and sign up for newsletters for up to date announcements. Check out Miami’s city websites for networking opportunities as well as political events to participate in and mingle with Miami’s city leaders.

Secondly, build networks! The people you meet can be future customers or can introduce you to future employment and mutually beneficial opportunities.

A lot of titles knows Miami but seldom is the hardships of attaining success ever featured or highlighted about the city. When you can submerge yourself into the various diverse communities of Miami, you will find loyalty, opportunity, and growth.

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